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Film Goals

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Since I can’t focus on studying physics right now, I figure I’d outline film production-related goals I’m aiming to achieve (or can dream about achieving).

1) Shoot a multi-part narrative-based video for a band
2) Shoot a music video in Texas
3) Shoot a music video in a Canadian forest
4) Shoot a music video in Iceland (or Greenland)
5) Shoot a music video in Antarctica
6) Work with a pro female model
7) Shoot footage on a Phantom HD
8) Shoot something with a baby in it
9+) Any number of software-based achievements.

Yes, as you can see, I’m a huge fan of on-location stuff.

Nascent 2010 – 2011 reel

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Still pretty barebones for now, given my still, as of yet, small output.

Wally Xie Director/Editor Reel 2010 – 2011 from Battles Of on Vimeo.

Debut (Via Audio – Goldrush)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Massive appreciation and props to all who hustled for this project.

Via Audio – Goldrush from Battles Of on Vimeo.

Director – Wally Xie
Cinematographer – Stephen Ling
Costume Supervisor – Alexander Fones
Grip – Neil Shah
Featuring Kristina Uchida and Michio Poppleton

Special Thanks to Carl Nielson, the Uchida family, and the Poppleton family

Getting through the shoot was hard with the rain and all, but also kinda fun in retrospect. Some of the public reactions that the zebra suit triggered were priceless.

Hope some people get some enjoyment out of the vid. I’ll be getting better. Expect more things from me in the future.

Cliche Contradictions

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Man, the pen is mightier than the sword, but then, why do actions speak louder than words?

If the best defense is a great offense, then why does defense win championships?

More Autodesk Maya Babysteps

Monday, January 10th, 2011

This week was already pretty busy in terms of school, but I tried to fit in some time to learn some more Maya. As my next goal, I’m going to try modeling something that ultimately…resembles the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

This is my rudimentary start:

VERY humble beginnings to say the least. I still have to get to learning lighting and texturing. The lighting confuses me substantially right now. I set up a small point light and hit 7 on the keyboard to trigger the lighting preview. I liked how it looked in the preview and tried to render it — only to see that only total blackness was rendered and the light was far too weak. I had to take an area light and jack up the intensity to the point where the pyramid was completely light-bleached in the preview…for a rendered image to show only some modestly luminous lighting. Hmmm…

In another news, I finally got a chance to listen to Slow Club’s 2009 album, Yeah, So. And it’s indie pop joy. “It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” gets me giddy as hell. To say the least,┬áRebecca Taylor’s voice can quell uprisings.