Month: January 2011

Film Goals

Since I can’t focus on studying physics right now, I figure I’d outline film production-related goals I’m aiming to achieve (or can dream about achieving).

1) Shoot a multi-part narrative-based video for a band
2) Shoot a music video in Texas
3) Shoot a music video in a Canadian forest
4) Shoot a music video in Iceland (or Greenland)
5) Shoot a music video in Antarctica
6) Work with a pro female model
7) Shoot footage on a Phantom HD
8) Shoot something with a baby in it
9+) Any number of software-based achievements.

Yes, as you can see, I’m a huge fan of on-location stuff.

Debut (Via Audio – Goldrush)

Massive appreciation and props to all who hustled for this project.

Via Audio – Goldrush from Battles Of on Vimeo.

Director – Wally Xie
Cinematographer – Stephen Ling
Costume Supervisor – Alexander Fones
Grip – Neil Shah
Featuring Kristina Uchida and Michio Poppleton

Special Thanks to Carl Nielson, the Uchida family, and the Poppleton family

Getting through the shoot was hard with the rain and all, but also kinda fun in retrospect. Some of the public reactions that the zebra suit triggered were priceless.

Hope some people get some enjoyment out of the vid. I’ll be getting better. Expect more things from me in the future.

A Depressing, Misogynistic Start to 2011

How does this year start? With hearing the horrible sounds of a woman getting beaten by an angry man, upstairs from my dad’s Chicago apartment for the last two hours. I dialed 911. Somebody picked up after an eternity. I reported the incident as anonymously as I could. Cops came by a lethargic half hour later, checked upstairs momentarily, then left. On the way out, I heard them cracking a couple of jokes upstairs. Can’t say that response was entirely unexpected. The physical violence had subsided. You can’t exactly arrest anyone on the basis of a crying woman alone, after all. Just took too long, didn’t move fast enough to catch the motherfucker in the act.

And it’s New Year’s after all, popo probably got a lot of alcohol-inspired incidents to cover, demonstrated by the frequency of blaring sirens passing by. To them, this was probably a boy-cried-wolf occasion. After all, seems like the woman herself told them that everything was okay, but what I heard through these thin walls. Human psychology — I plain don’t get it.

I feel like fucking shit. Probably wont get any more sleep for the rest of the night. And from the sounds of sobbing that I’m hearing rain down from above, I’m guessing neither will the woman. The man seems to have left earlier. There was some heavy stomping, and then the crash of a door. The woman was begging him not to leave. The world makes so much sense.

I’ll never cross paths with them, but I hope she finds the courage to pull herself out of the situation. And if some fault for the confrontation lies with her, may the Universe assign all parties their just desserts.

There goes some more sirens. Happy New Year’s.