Month: February 2011

I am not special. I am not destined.

Say this with me.
“I am a cog in a machine.”

Fuck self-entitlement. I admit that I’m as guilty of it as anybody else, and all this self-entitlement/complacency in this day and age is making me sick. No matter how rich you are, how attractive, how smart, you’re still part of this machine called humanity, so don’t go on your quests of self-deluding grandeur while stepping on everybody else’s shoulders.

You’re not going to change the world. You’re not going to be remembered forever. The world is not your playground.

We are frighteningly frighteningly puny against the scale of the universe.

So we might a well band together and be as big as we can be as a collective organism.

When will more people understand this? We live an age where people will inadvertently screw themselves just to deny things to other people, people whom they find undeserved.

But who are we to judge?

Mysterious Evanston Buzzing Noise Keeps on Annoying

Heard the noise yesterday morning. Snatched up my IPod and recorded what little of the noise I could.
Here’s what I got.
New theories have emerged. Roommates propose that the sound might be emanating from a fire station. It could be alarm to tell firemen to get their asses into their trucks, or it could let everybody around know that some big ass firetrucks are going to be flying out.
But I remain unconvinced. Firetruck sirens are pretty loud. And I don’t exactly here any sirens before, during, or after the duration of the noise.

The source of the noise remains unknown. Spooky. Perhaps aliens? Cthulu? Rahm Emanuel?

Mysterious Evanston Buzzing Noise

I’m trying to cram in some last-minute neurobiology studying right now, and this sickeningly annoying noise that sounds like a British air raid siren is at it again for the umpteenth time this week. Anybody know what the hell it is? The thing blares for about a minute any time. I’ve narrowed down the possibilities at this point to me going insane (though my roommates hear it as well, which might mean collective insanity) or Northwestern testing a violent assailant alert system. Really can’t think of anything else. Next time that noise comes up again, I’m recording a sample of it.