Month: May 2011

Kevin D. Williamson is an awesome man

Recently wrapped up shooting of a music video being done for Magic Man. (Excellent band, by the way.) I have to say that as stressful as this shoot was in terms of last minute scheduling changes, due to time conflicts and weather, I’m satisfied with how things turned out. I do still have to see my footage as I didn’t have the ability to look at the footage from a monitor most of the time (had to trust my DP, as he was working on a glidecam and couldn’t be encumbered by wires), but until I see otherwise, I will assume that I have plenty of coverage to edit from.

Lessons learned from this shoot?
1) Schedule schedule schedule everything as far back as you can. I ultimately got kinda lucky; things could’ve been a lot worse in terms of people not being able to make it.
2) Always have a backup plan, and a backup plan to that backup plan. Because no matter how much planning you do, shit will still go wrong. Part of planning is to get ready to make room for that shit.
3) Never bite more than you can chew. Two music videos in one academic quarter is a bit much. With the events that transpired, I really don’t think it could’ve turned out any other way, but for my own future personal reference, I would like to remind myself that it may be better to pool resources and effort for a more awesome project, rather than many more rushed ones.
4) There’s always another way to get something done.

Simple stuff really, things I’ve always told myself, but never really “knew.” You can never sell the worth of actual experience short.

On the note of experience, I’d like to emphasize that I had a damn good time working with Kevin D. Williamson, Chicago-based actor. Just one heck of a nice, easygoing dude; he’s calm, funny, and humble. And a really diligent worker to boot. I’d spout off a lot of confusing, stream-of-consciousness statements really quickly about what I wanted, and the man would find some way of internalizing my blabber of words into what I actually wanted. Sure, what I was going for usually didn’t happen on the first take, but he’d keep on working until it happened. And for that, I have to give Kevin a huge round of applause and gratitude.

Thanks Kevin, and apologies for making you so dizzy and exhausted from all the dancing and rolling. The dude earns massive props for his ability to work and work with barely a break between each take. I’ll most definitely give him a plug — if you are a director/casting director looking for a pleasant actor to work with, do consider Kevin D. Williamson.

And my 20s will be gone just like that.

My prime. So how will I spend it?
Angst inspired by this really poignant, nostalgia-inducing video-

I want to go on a drive far away tonight, by myself, just me and my favorite music. Drive somewhere pristine, maybe go for a brief night hike.
Instead, sigh. I’ll stay in. Maybe get some homework done.

The next decade. There’s so much I want to do. Become more educated. Watch more episodes of PBS Frontline, listen to some more of This American Life. Discover some more beautiful music. Become a better filmmaker. Hell, even watch more films period. I don’t want to watch my parents grow old. I want to have more entertaining conversations with random strangers. Convulse at many more concerts. Have many more chances to make up for my wrongs.

Next ten years. I know you will, but please don’t pass by too fast.

This is a vain, embarrassing request. I hope no one reads it. Now, back to my simple facade.