Month: August 2011

Who Needs Clothes When You Have Shoes?

You know what, I’ve been shitting on LA plenty this summer — but one thing I can’t fault this city for? A shortage of sneakers.

I’m not a sneakerhead by any means, but at least from my eyes, this place is a sneaker-ziggurat. And that’s only after went to Footland Sports and the Melrose location of Sportie LA today. Still have yet to check out Undefeated, RIS, or Keep for that matter. And no pun intended, I’m still kicking myself for not giving Keep a serious look until now. So many, so many sick designs. The ‘Roos that I bought from Sportie today wasn’t a bad purchase (they look like brown shit and don’t go well with shorts, but they are comfortable), but this regret of not buying from Keep is pretty naggy.

But shoes man — best article of clothing. More than any other piece, the shoes make the man. T-shirts kinda scream out what you want to project to people — but they’re the exterior, the superficial skin. Shoes are the soul. Shoe companies sure do a hell of a good job branding.

On a random note, I found out at LA today that there is a Bob Marley Footwear brand of shoes. What the fuck? How can the man be tied to shoes? Then I did some Google-digging and found that Bob Marley Footwear was a joint venture between Anthony L & S and Marley & Co. Anthony L & S Footwear appears to have a history of licensing deals that reek of substandard fashion, be it with US Polo Assn, or Cadillac. Seriously, fucking Cadillac shoes? Marley & Co seems to be a business dedicated to licensing Bob Marley’s name and image to shit that bros will buy. Wonder what Marley would think about this — though I guess it’s hard to complain when it helps feed the family.

Butterfly Bones – r u my mother??

Not going to bother embedding.
You can probably tell that this is not something I’m too proud of (though it’s still going to be much better than my next release, ahem).

To be honest, I think I somewhat got lucky on “Goldrush” and “Satt Nam.” The whole “not conferring with bands” approach was bound to fail eventually — and I learned the hard way with the spring quarter duo of projects, of which “r u my mother??” is one of.

This other “cut corners/be optimistic that locations will work out with limited scouting” methodology also has to be scrapped. Fact of life — I like shooting stuff with lots of locations. Probability dictates that the more locations there are, the more likely that one of them is going to go wrong.

I also need to drop my emphasis on prolificness. Some people can be really prolific — kudos to them. With the scale of my ideas, I just don’t think I can do that — doing two projects in that timespan on such limited budgets really killed my crew and I.

Finally, a really important one — can’t have flaky crew/actors. Everybody will say that they will dedicate themselves to a project as best as they can. Getting them to limit what ranks in front of the project in importance is the hard part. For one, my projects are pretty damn small scale right now. Can’t fault people for thinking that the work they put into a small project will never go anywhere towards forwarding their career. To get crew to take my projects more seriously — that’s something I gotta work on. Not sure yet what balance of added confidence, communication (I think I send too many emails that make me seem desperate), incentives ($, food), “hype” will do the trick.

Moore’s Waste

This is a lamentation, more than a thought-out treatise with a thesis. I’ve been busy shopping for components that that’ll go towards my future editing PC. I’ve been looking at the Intel Sandy Bridge processors, debating whether to buy the best that’s out there now, the Core i7-2600, or “settle” for the Core i5-2500 as a stopgap solution until the Ivy Bridge 22 nm die shrink update comes out in a few brief months.

Now, that technology becomes obsolete instantaneously is a notion that I don’t need to expound on — Intel tick-tock, Moore’s Law blah blah blah. Obsolescence is a theme that is inherent to the pursuit of technological progress. It just kinda hit me today that especially due to the scale of computer hardware trafficking, this rampant innovation comes at the cost of massive massive waste. For each product run, so much silicon has to be purified, toxic byproducts collected, trees cut down and paper printed for the packaging — all that for a product that will become outdated the moment it hits shelves. The myriad unsold — they will first be left to collect dust, then returned to storage rooms/holding facilities to collect some more dust, and finally be condemned to landfills with little hope of contributing recycled materials. Yeah, there’s computer recycling centers, but how many people actually spend the effort to get their old tech to those facilities, when it’s so much easier to toss things into a dumpster? I myself am guilty of taking the route of convenience. Tossed a ancient CRT TV last week because it was too heavy. And my old AMD Athlon desktop? My parents left it behind with some other family, and it’s sure to get trashed, as well. Pity about that tiny amount of gold, silver, palladium in there.

I gotta wonder — how can the environment be saved when every fucking thing seems to hurt it?