Month: October 2011

Too many damn babies.

“Infinite growth in a finite world is impossible,” comments Chris Stratton on this NPR story.

Economic frameworks, government entitlement programs are built and sustained on a model of growing populations and youth movements.
But with a population of 7 billion, we have to start looking at downsizing. I’m not really privy to all the data, but from looking at things, how much material even a small subset of our population consumes, how many goddamn people there are crawling around this planet, we have to look at the ultimate goal of downsizing.

We know what has to be done. The devil lies in the execution.
Any plan to curb population increase will have to target the nations of Africa. It will be the continent that contributes the largest proportion of population growth in the 21st century.
But, some ethical caveats:
1) Who are we First World residents to limit the growth of developing nations, when the First World nations very much rode the economic benefits of population growth to the top during their respective industrial revolutions?
2) Isn’t it unfair to curb the material consumption levels of others to guarantee our own?

It’s going to take a centralized, multinational force that consists of people that actually know what they’re doing, that are willing to look past short term political gains to steer humanity through this problem. Somebody bring back Abraham Lincoln.


Sometimes I wonder, where we gonna pull new musical genres? Is it even possible to create a wholly new art form? Are there any rocks left unturned?

Then I gotta remember, that’s just what innovation is. You don’t see it coming. An innovator — man, that’s what I’d like to be.