Month: February 2012

Free Willis Earl Beal show at Cole’s Bar 02/21/12

I stress that it is one of the top 5 concerts I’ve ever been to:
1) Jeff Mangum
2) Willis Earl Beal
3) Hockey
4) Jukebox the Ghost
5) Explosions in the Sky

Willis Earl Beal, is just one motherfuckin’ presence. Sitting on a chair, toothpick in mouth, sunglasses amplifying his soul — I gotta take a page from him. The man wasn’t tall (he was stocky though), but the way he carried himself made him the largest man I’d seen in ages, by far.

His show — one of those things where I was so emotionally satisfied, I can’t quite find the words to describe. Raw. The man called himself a preacher. I’d actually be tempted to call him that rather than a strict musician. Somehow, the label of “musician” seems to confining for him. Indeed, when he called out a chirpy fucker who wouldn’t stop making Gucci Mane-noises in the audience, he called himself a “performer.”

I met him after the show. Hella down-to-earth guy. Given what he does, draws pictures for you, sings will you call him even if he’s in a bathroom stall, I thought the dude was crazy. I’m sure he is in some way. But he wasn’t crazy crazy — which is surprising. Before leaving, I shook his hand and felt like I now had an insurance policy against Satan.

I Have Fallen

I have joined Twitter.
This is my second attempt at Twitter. My first attempt was three or so years back, when I tried to tweet at this account to get a free Lollapalooza ticket. I didn’t get the ticket, and quit Twitter because I did not want to get swept up in the sea of inane celebrity vanity.

I’ve joined this time because I’ve understood that Twitter has become a necessary part of pop-culture, and decided that as an aspiring culture-connoisseur, I probably could do with Twitter “ignorance” no longer. I put ignorance in quotes because I’ve always known how to use the site and I’ve kept up with the Twitter-sphere, thanks in no small part to Reddit. But depending on Reddit means I’d usually have to wait for secondhand word of mouth, and I figured it was time for me to get at the hashtag mess direct from the source.

In a wonderful turn, I’ve found Twitter to be far less of the brain-wasting spew that Facebook’s feed consists of. (This probably has to do with the people that I’m following. Nonetheless, the point stands, this is not something I could get on Facebook.) I’m really enjoying it. Yeah, I still cringe at the idea of “following” somebody, but to be able to hear the ramblings of Grimes, Roger Ebert, and Curren$y — the Lord knows that special times call for special exceptions.

Something has gotta be done about those fake porn/webchat advertising bots though. Yeah it’s a first-world problem, but it doesn’t make the necessity to report spam accounts so often any less annoying!


Not only is today a numerically cool date. It is also the birthday of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.
By the words of my population genetics teacher, Dr. Walsh, “One man freed our bodies. The other freed our minds.” I think he said it in that order at least, bodies first and then minds. Either way, a cool quote.

You know what else would be cool? If Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were genetically recombined in the future to become One Man. Abraham Darwin. I think I’d rather see that than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Wisdom from Carl Jonas Nielson — each film is a startup

“Each film is a startup.”
~Carl Jonas Nielson

A Tibetan startup that you build up at pre-production and tear down into streams of data by the time you reach post-production.

People build up these differences between various fields and disciplines, the arts and the sciences, and ultimately, things just aren’t so different from each other. A director, just like a CEO, has to have great organizational management capabilities and an ability to steward disparate departments and department heads. A writer/director has to come up with a “business model” — a story — that can appeal enough to viewers that they fork over money and buy into this model.