Month: May 2012

An Inmate Calls Me From La Palma Correctional Facility

His name was Nelson.
A robotic female voice spoke on behalf of Inmate Calling Solutions and offered to connect the call.
I declined, assuming it was a wrong number. I didn’t want to take away time from Nelson since he likely was trying to call someone else.
But Nelson was doing time anyways. Doesn’t sound like he would be too busy. Perhaps I should’ve taken the call. Speaking to an inmate. That would have been a first.

Are You Not Entertained?

Chicago, city of chapped lips.
I long for the humid, moist days of the Louisiana bayou.
In my youth, I played with alligators…and fire.
Then, once I matured, I played with the feisty Cajun women of the swamps.
They were dirty, grimey, but sweat has an irresistible appeal.
Alas, life is not always so simple.
It is more simple.