Month: January 2013

Career Inertia

That circumstance when someone gets drawn further and further into a particular line of work, less out of love and dreams, more from the gravitational pull of a neutron star whose mass is comprised of aging, laziness, practicality, peer pressure, familial responsibility, and familial burdens. I just learned of the existence of a tidy phrase that summarizes all that: “career inertia.”

Ca-reer ee-nur-tiaaaa. Isn’t it fun to say? It’s breathy, smooth.


Among Courtship Devices,

I’m actually a big fan of the mixtape.

It’s cheap, but it takes time and curation to make. And this effort results in something that the object of your lust can revisit, discover something new from as she gets older and changes. It can introduce her to a Far Greater Love than you. An artist, band that keeps on giving long after she’s done with you (especially if your lazy ass just decides to burn her In The Aeroplane Over The Sea).

So not only is it cheap, a mixtape is one of the least selfish courtship presents you can give.

A dinner date? Once the food is digested, it likewise goes into the crapper, no matter how expensive the meal was. A diamond? It gets more boring with every glance. Technology? Born to have an expiration date.

It’s too bad that giving a mixtape is now looked down upon as pastiche and tacky behavior.