Month: February 2013

Postnormal Times

Read this beast of a longread (and I mean “longread” by Internet standards, not “long read” as in a book by Alexandre Dumas) the other day on h+ Magazine, “Welcome to Postnormal Times,”written by this man named Ziauddin Sardar —  It is subtle, nuanced, masterfully written. In regards to the points presented by Mr. Sardar, I have nothing to add, suggest, discuss, or contradict, and in that sense, am contributing to the voluminous Vat of Blogspam.

But I cite his article not to siphon traffic to my own blog. Instead, I seek to pass the link juice that I can to help push the article up Google’s SERP’s, in the hopes that more people will stumble upon it by accident, then pass it along.

I can think of no piece of writing that summarizes that problems facing humanity in the 21st century better than this article.

It must be read.