Addendum on Inception

You know what? The more I think about it, the more I am absolutely convinced that the movie was only about dreams on a superficial plot-based level. At its core essence, Inception has to be a treatise about film, it simply has to be. The writing was too deliberate. The word deliberate and its whole family of synonyms was invented to describe the scripting.

The depiction of dreams in the film is spectacular, breathtaking. But let’s be honest, it’s not actually how dreams are. Real dreams, oxymoron not intended, are even more fantastic, with “fantastic” meaning more weird, sexual, nonsensical, and random, in this case. If you want to see an accurate portrayal and exploration of dreams, you’re going to the wrong film.

But while dreams don’t work like that, movies do. The whole spiel about architectures, projections, creation of illusions, and whatnot. It’s all facets of filmmaking. Hell, even the cast could be seen as a loose parallel to a film crew. You got the director, the architect who creates the dimension, the lead that operates in this dimension, and the producers, other guys who support the machine.

Christopher Nolan is a fucking genius.

P.S: How mindfuckalicious would it have been if you saw a woman’s hand grab the spinning top at the end of the film?

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