Adding Julia to your Windows Path

I installed Julia 0.3.0-RC1 onto my Windows 7 PC and then added C:\Program Files\Julia (where I installed Julia) to my PATH variable in my user profile environment variables list so that I could launch it in Command Prompt or PowerShell by typing “julia.” However, that did not work, returning the oft-seen “‘blah’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.” I was a bit befuddled, then searched my system for the julia.exe. Turns out, it was located in C:\Program Files\Julia\bin.

Anyhow, if you add C:\path\to\Julia\bin to your user profile PATH, rather than just C:\path\to\Julia, you should be able to load Julia from a fresh launch of Command Prompt or PowerShell with “julia.”



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