Applied Science

Found this quote in a paper from Nature today about quantum computing: “…barriers can be transformed into opportunities for innovation.” Sometimes one can find statements, quotes, concepts in scientific papers that are strikingly far-reaching and easy to understand amidst the sea of jargon and data that one comes to expect.


People who think science is esoteric, pedantic, any number of SAT words — people who think those specific elements of science have little bearings on how the real world works. Well, I’d have to say they’re wrong. I’m taking a biochem class this quarter, and I’d have to say, the way the cell, the tissue, the human body — these complex biological blueprints are not only already representations of how human societal systems work, there’s plenty to be learned and modeled from the efficiency of biology. Not going to go into too much detail since that would take too much time — but while studying the process of glycolysis, I saw all sorts of parallels to economics, government, policy, any number of fields that are assumed to be more relevant to the real world. And seeing how elegant glycolysis/gluconeogenesis/energy regulation works in cells, I couldn’t help but think that they offered inspiration on how to solve these “real world problems.”

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