Dream Recollections — Car Salesman, Ted Cruz, Glider, Albatross Girl

Yesterday was a hectic, nail-biting day in American politics, filled with drastic twists, turns, shifts, shits.

It was appropriate last night then that my dreams took a similar rhythm, jarringly shifting from one scenario to another:

1) A nightmare. Because a US government default actually happened (knock on Internet that this current fragile Senate agreement does not fall through), I was forced to find another job. I ended up taking a position as a used car salesman. This nightmare was more horrifying than the ones where very gory things happen to me. I woke up for a good twenty minutes after this vignette before going back to sleep.

2) Ted Cruz lobbies me to support his cause through a video robo-call — wait for it — broadcasted through the LCD monitor of a Canon DSLR I happen to be holding.

3) Most fun vignette. I am in a glider that looks a bit like a mini-version of this concept sketch for a future version of the Space Shuttle, doing loops, dives, and donuts in the sky.

4) I am walking through a hospital. Nothing is wrong with me, I am just taking a leisurely stroll through a hospital. I am passing through one of those pretty hallways that have less wall, more window, huge glass panes chained from end to end. I see two huge albatrosses approaching from outside the building.

Fuck, I think in slow motion, they are going to hit glass.

One, two, they both collide, huge motherfuckers, fifteen feet wingspans (larger than they are in real life).

I want to check to see if anything can be done for them, so I open a window and shove my body through the gap – this hallway is on the ground floor, so I flip out onto a grassy lawn, rather than falling to my death.

One of the albatrosses is clearly dead, motionless. Skull is cracked open, brain has plopped out of the crack. Oddly enough, it looks like a human brain. The other one is writhing, spasming its wings. There is maybe a scrap of hope left for this one.

I am at a human hospital, but I figure someone can be of help here. I run back towards the hospital, but when I turn to look back, the surviving bird is gone. The dead one is still there, being munched on by a homeless man. However, in its place, there is a girl with wispy blond hair standing there, crying, her face buried in her hands. I jump to the only possible conclusion – the bird transformed into a girl.

I stop in bewilderment. And then, it gets even stranger. A dude materializes out of thin air, puts an arm around the girl to comfort her.

I do not really remember what he looked like, but I feel that he was a beefy guy with spikey dark brown hair. I think he was wearing a blue fleece. I know that he had wintry irises.

He looks at me.

Leave us the fuck alone, his eyes flash.

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