Fire Emblem Fates Easy Seize Castle (including Corrin with Movement +1)

For Fire Emblem players, I submit my easy-seize, no-hacked-units castle for those interested in collecting some skills. I am building my characters and castle back up after beating Conquest and beginning Revelations, so Heart Seals should be available again soon. Not having hacked units means characters will not have personal skills they should not have. This means that aside from Mozu, no units will have Aptitude.

Castle Code: 12953-01599-79461-61023

Castle Name: Legal Skills

MU Name: Wallace (too many Corrins makes it harder to differentiate castles)

Food Resources: Cabbage, Fish

Mineral Resources: Lapis, Ruby

Defenses: Level 28 Lilith (subject to change, but should be easy to get out of her range), Dawn Dragon (easy to ignore, since my units are on hold and won’t attack)

Excerpted Units and Skills (subject to rotation and periodic shifts — let me know if you have a request):

Note — current units in rotation bolded; inactive skills will be placed between brackets

MU: Movement +1, Dragon Fang, Luna, Draconic Hex, Hoshidan Unity [Skill +2, Defense +2, Rally Skill, Astra, Pavise, Dragon Ward, Nohrian Trust, Quick Draw, Armored Blow, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Quixotic, Nobility, Locktouch]

Azura: Movement +1, Inspiring Song, Aegis, Amaterasu, Rally Speed [Luck +4, Darting Blow, Voice of Peace, Foreign Princess, Camaraderie]

Takumi: Seal Defense, Certain Blow, Lifetaker, Amaterasu, Bowfaire [Skill +2, Seal Magic, Swap, Quick Draw, Malefic Aura, Air Superiority, Heartseeker]

Elise: Tomebreaker, Renewal, Rally Resistance, Savage Blow, Aegis [Strength +2, Resistance +2, Lunge, Trample, Demoiselle, Swordbreaker, Live to Serve]

Camilla: Swordbreaker, Pass, Lifetaker, Savage Blow, Rally Defense [Strength +2, Aegis, Lunge, Malefic Aura, Lancebreaker, Bowbreaker, Heartseeker, Renewal]

Xander: Armored Blow, Savage Blow, Sol, Luna, Aegis [Seal Strength, Astra, Pavise, Vantage, Shelter, Lunge, Replicate, Elbow Room, Life and Death, Duelist’s Blow, Trample, Swordfaire, Defender, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker]

Ryoma: Duelist’s Blow, Astra, Seal Strength, Luna, Swordfaire [Vantage, Shelter, Elbow Room, Life and Death, Armored Blow]

Hinoka: Seal Speed, Rend Heaven, Amaterasu, Rally Speed, Warding Blow [Seal Defense, Swap, Darting Blow, Lancefaire, Air Superiority, Quixotic, Camaraderie]

Sakura: Miracle, Amaterasu, Camaraderie, Rally Speed, Darting Blow [Rally Magic, Rally Luck]

Selena: Movement +1, Good Fortune, Shurikenbreaker, Rally Defense, Air Superiority [Strength +2, Rally Skill, Lunge, Strong Riposte, Darting Blow, Camaraderie]

Felicia: Tomebreaker, Resistance +2, Live to Serve, Counter, Shurikenfaire [Demoiselle]

Laslow: Good Fortune, Locktouch, Poison Strike, Lethality, Sol [Vantage, Golembane, Strong Riposte, Death Blow]

Keaton: Beastbane, Odd Shaped, Rend Heaven, Sol, Better Odds [HP +5, Magic +2, Gamble, Future Sight]

Kaden: Beastbane, Evenhanded, Sol, Rend Heaven, Even Better [HP +5, Magic +2, Rally Magic, Gamble, Future Sight]

Kaze: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Shurikenfaire, Vantage, Pass

Kagero: Poison Strike, Locktouch, Magic +2, Future Sight

Oboro: Seal Defense, Swap, Potent Potion, Quick Salve

Sakura: Miracle, Rally Luck, Amaterasu

Rinkah: Seal Resistance, Axefaire, Shove, Locktouch

Arthur: HP +5, Sol, Swordfaire, Elbow Room, Shelter [Gamble]

3 Comments on “Fire Emblem Fates Easy Seize Castle (including Corrin with Movement +1)”

  • Sword breaker corrin please?

  • Could you put on pavise and aegis please? Thanks in advance!

  • Hey man, I was wondering if you could put up bow-breaker, movement+1 and armored blow on your Corrin. I know it’s late but it would be amazing if you could do that, cheers.

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