LaTeX Poster — “Bayesian Evaluation of Earth System Models Using Soil Respiration Data”

Download (PDF, 373KB)

Poster presented at regional conference today, SoCal Sysbio at my home institution, UCI.

LaTeX .tex file and beamerposter style file for the poster are included here. The template is based off of Philippe Dreuw and Thomas Deselaers’ original beamerposter template available at this link. Where my style file differs is that with some modifications, it no longer is limited to the Tango color palette and now also accepts dvipsnames and svgnames color names to increase the breadth of available colors.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this project. Some details already on the poster, of course. An even briefer TLDR; of this is that I am trying to compare Earth System models (ESMs) in a Bayesian fashion to see which models are consistent with historical soil carbon dioxide flux data and are worth the effort to refine. I eyeballed some fits of the conventional and AWB soil carbon models under informative and realistic priors, and am proceeding to quantify the fits using Bayesian goodness of fit metrics. I will take a look at Bayes factors and posterior predictive p-values.

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