I’m trying my damndest to be critical, and I can only find two nitpicks with this movie:

1) An alarm clock waking a guy up in the first 5 minutes of the film.

2) The way Will Ferrell hugs his Pretend Kid.

I loved so much about this film. The writing. The voice acting. The way the action was blocked, no pun initially intended. The references (ending The Dark Knight reference). The homages to other films. The voice casting. The way other Lego franchises were worked in. The animation. The set design. The editing. Uni-fucking-kitty. And that the movie sardonically danced around modern corporate culture sent this thing over the top.

I am so happy The Powers That Be that own Lego and control its branding approved this. A hell of a special film. I hate using vague descriptors, but man, I will abuse cliche and say that this film had a soul. This was not only a love letter to Legos — this was a love letter to cinema.

One of the greatest films I’ve ever seen, no joke. Watching back-to-back screenings of The Lego Movie and Scott Pilgrim versus the world would be mind-blowing.

Lego needs to come out with a whole series of insane set themes. Edward Snowden the Lego set. Lego Civil War. Lego Guilded Age. Lego Neutral Milk Hotel Tour. Lego Project Manhattan. Cold War Lego. Genghis Khan Lego. The Wire Lego.

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