My Problem with Hyperlinks (and Reading Online in General)

Hyperlinked anchor text offers an immediate means of connecting one’s assertions to sources, of mighty use to the perennially skeptical. It fans the flame of curiosity, limiting the chances that a cyberflâneur arrives at a dead end in his itch for information about an arbitrary subject. And most trivially, it provides SEO value in the eyes of Google, and hence, is one of the reasons I have a job right now.

But for all their convenience and connection, I find hyperlinks to be detrimental towards my reading of a piece. It prevents me from finishing a damn article in one swoop. The blue underlining seduces me to click and spontaneously click, click click click until I have so many tabs open that my browser is slowing down and I have to grimly face the fact that I will never be able to wholly absorb and digest everything that I have followed. I can form no coherent recollection about what I have read; features, profiles, and short stories get mixed together into one thematic blur!

And screw the links that launch Outlook!

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