Mysterious Evanston Buzzing Noise Keeps on Annoying

Heard the noise yesterday morning. Snatched up my IPod and recorded what little of the noise I could.
Here’s what I got.
New theories have emerged. Roommates propose that the sound might be emanating from a fire station. It could be alarm to tell firemen to get their asses into their trucks, or it could let everybody around know that some big ass firetrucks are going to be flying out.
But I remain unconvinced. Firetruck sirens are pretty loud. And I don’t exactly here any sirens before, during, or after the duration of the noise.

The source of the noise remains unknown. Spooky. Perhaps aliens? Cthulu? Rahm Emanuel?

2 Comments on “Mysterious Evanston Buzzing Noise Keeps on Annoying”

  • It is the air-raid siren that every fire station has, you ninny.
    It means your car wil get towed from the snow zones, unless it was 10:30 am when they test them.


  • Thank you turd of

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