NYE 09

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.

You know, I had another one of those random, life-changing epiphanies today (to be contradicted in the near future by another life-changing epiphany). The Eve is the actual celebration, not the Day. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should’ve realized this a lot earlier, but cut me some slack here. I’ve always picked up on this “growing up” business slower than anyone else. In years past, I wanted 31st to pass by as soon as possible. The most significant thing about it was watching the fucking ball drop. On the other hand, New Year’s Day marked progress on all fronts. More privilege, more choice, more world. It couldn’t arrive quick enough. My parents would always counter my enthusiasm with some lament about the passing of each year. I picked up on why pretty early on. But I didn’t empathize.

This year, I kind of do. This quick is too quick. A crapton has happened in 2009. I haven’t had as much time to live it, ponder it, and cherish it as I would’ve liked. The highs, asymptotes, and lows simply culminate into one day of closing festivities, and boom, razzle dazzle fireworks, we’re sucked right into the next cycle of 365. For me, it’s like when I’m in class. Professor erases a chalkboard of notes before I can copy everything down. A new series of letters are scrawled over the haze of eraser residue before I’ve been able to piece together what was there.

Ultimately, shit moves on, and I guess so must I. As time cannot be mastered by humanity (yet), I’d better try my hand at practicing other things. Like sleeping. With that, Imma cut my consciousness short. Stay cool, stay classy. G’night.