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Rock On, Joel Bauman

As individualist as WEIRD societies are — and despite cultural rhetoric which celebrates and envies the rebelliousness and reckless careening of the Steven Jobs, Death Grips, and Copernicus’ of the world, we tend to treat the less revered folk who have less political, artistic, or financial capital with a touch of silly derision and discouragement.

‘You gotta pay your dues, we tell them. Suck it up. It’s just the way it is, things will never be the same.

But in the case of Joel Bauman, wrestler for the University of Minnesota, I am wholly behind his cause, skin and gut.

This quote won me over: “‘I have a plan to figure this whole thing out, to be able to do both,’ [Bauman] said. ‘But my message is more important than my eligibility in the long run. So if I can’t, then so be it.'”

Bauman’s platform is endearingly simple. His music, his videos, and his PR combine into a wholesome, non-contradictory package that stays free from the pinnings of an attention-grabbing stunt. In a province where the dance of politico-psychopathology takes up such a large portion of media, and in turn, mind share, where no politician, clergyman, company, can articulate a position without triggering suspicions of ulterior motives, engendering meta-analyses by pundits — Bauman is a can of Monterey air amidst Beijing smog.

Stand up to The Man, Joel Bauman. I hope you win. And stay concussion free for the foreseeable future. (An obligatory Fuck CTE.)