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It is impossible for me to study with music playing

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

I swear, I swear, I fucking swear, as soon as I finish this post, and Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” is done playing, I’ll stop playing music in an attempt to actually get some desperate work done.

For crying out loud, I can barely even type this post while music is playing, and typing out random words is far less difficult than trying to understand fucking 2-d inelastic collisions between two objects. I have no fucking focus/multitasking threading ability.

I’ll be staring at a page, and then I’ll get distracted by the lyrics of the song. Then I’ll decide to give full attention to the song, at which point, I lose track of the lyrics because I start thinking again about the stuff on the page.

Wait — wait,  I should try listening to instrumental music? I’ve already tried that. Just take the above two sentences in the last mini-paragraph, and swap all instances of the word “lyrics” with the phrase “chord progression.” Classical music doesn’t even work, even Bach Baroque pieces that bore me to tears.

I know this Indian pre-med kid in my year. The cat can lucidly process organic chemistry while jamming to Lil’ Wayne. I’m not gonna lie — I’m kinda jealous of him for having that insane ability. For sure, I could really use those skills. I’d like to hunt down every last track I’d ever possibly enjoy in my life time. And yeah, I know that’s an impossible task, for me, or any human, any android, cyborg, even robot,  but to be able to listen to music while studying — that would help me make that much of a larger dent in my quest for sonic pleasures.

Oh. “It’s Oh So Quiet” has long ended. The playlist is now at “You’ve Been Flirting Again.” I gotta finish this sing.

And then, the one after that.

Then maybe I can get my ass back to work.