The day after New Year’s

I dont want to sound hella emo or even make this sound hella sappy. But, here goes.

So the day after New Year’s I decided I’d sit down and clean my room. I was going through all of my stupid junk and I see my old Latin text books and randomly scribbled on the right hand I see Placetne tibi and Babae. Somebody else reading this will probably think: what the fuck? But for my high school friends and myself in particular these words bring up a swell of emotions: joy, laughter, and deep sadness. Nostalgia never seems to be pleasant thing. It is a constant reminder that “times are changing” and a feeling that you cannot go back and redo certain things.

However, I think sometimes people just become too preoccupied with not only the past but also the future. How will i get a job? When will I graduate? When will I find the person that truly loves and cares for me? These things make us keep thinking of what will happen next when what happens next doesn’t really matter two shits.

I swear from tomorrow I will try to live in the moment. Fuck the past and fuck the future. However, I know that three days from now I will probably revert to my thinking of the future and waiting to reach my next goal.

And so I hope that this new year I can cherish every moment. The good and the bad. I dont want to achieve any specific goal because those will come by itself. I want to just feel.

A wise turtle once said: The past is history. The future a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why we call it the present.

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