The Tides of Summer

I have seen the face of Satan himself. He is the traffic of Los Angeles. Here, I actually have to pay attention while I drive. Mistakes rarely go unpunished, with a honk and an almost accident with each flash of a daydream.
Honestly, there’s just too many people here. Can’t get anywhere without waiting. At any time of day. LA traffic is common knowledge, but boy is it something to experience in the flesh. And hell, I’ve even been here before.
But, let’s look at the positives. I’ve actually had to improve my driving ability here. For one, I’m getting practice with parallel parking. Through necessity, I’ve actually come to observe and scan my surroundings frequently. Additionally, I’d like to think that I’ve become more of a stable, measured driver — getting better at easing into stops, accelerating, and minimizing break usage in rush hour traffic. Basically, I actually have to take other drivers into account now! Who would’ve thunk?!
But man, this driving, it gets tough. Like every other discipline, it requires its own type of stamina.
And stamina isn’t something I have in excess right now.
Being forced to make left turns on reds, driving aside, the circumstances have been stressful, unkind. I’ve been a victim of chance, though I suppose that comes with riding on bad probabilities.
To be honest, nothing’s really gone that well in the past few months. I suppose I’ll have to treat that as an exercise in real adult life, where I’ve heard and read that, at least for most people, suffering is the default.
But man, all self-rationalization, forced self-rallying aside, I just really want a few months where things go more smoothly, and perhaps end up going not according to plan in a better sort of way.
Heh. Who am I kidding. I’m a Son of the Middle Class. Dig in the trenches. General says another attack comes at dawn.

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